Welcome to the Official Johnson Valley, California Community Website

"It's like being here when you can't be"
Johnson Valley is rich in history. Evidence of Native American habitation can be seen throughout the area. Legendary "Willie Boy" was tracked and met his final fate here. Rock Corral dates back to the early 1900's, and was a place for cowboys to water down horses and cattle. Many of the original homestead cabins from the 1950's still stand.

With regular activities and events scheduled at our Community Center, the off-road vehicle park to the north, and the many canyons to explore in the hills and mountains surrounding Johnson Valley, residents and visitors find plenty to do around here. If you visit Johnson Valley, please respect the residents and leave it the way you found it.

Now sit a spell and take a look around the Johnson Valley communty website. We have enough pages on this site to keep you as busy as a bee during the desert bloom.

Hills north of Johnson Valley near the OHV area
Hills north of Johnson Valley near the OHV area
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Thank you for visiting the official website for the Community of Johnson Valley, California. Johnson Valley is located in the Little San Bernardino Mountain Range of the Mojave Desert in Southern California. The valley is bisected by State Hwy 247, also known as Old Woman Springs Road.

With a population of about 440 residents, the humble community of Johnson Valley enjoys a quiet rural setting with plenty of open spaces to admire. It is our rugged individualism that brings us here, and drives our desire to preserve and protect this valley we call home.